Things I need to do…


Oh I do like making lists. Even if I don’t get to complete everything on said list I still like writing them so I can see it on paper (or computer monitor as the case may be here). I’m not sure what I hope to accomplish by posting it here. Maybe so you can see how much I can over think the simple things.

1. Wash and vacuum out my car
When was the last time I washed my little rocket? If I remember correctly it was a few weeks after I picked it up from the panel beaters and since then its been raining off and on (hardly worth the effort of a wash only for it to get muddy again). I so hate having a dirty car though. Going to try really hard to wash and clean it this weekend.

2. Pay my course fees
I was expecting this course to cost me around $600 – $800, based on looking at fees from last year, but when I looked up own my fees online I found its over $1000. Ouch. I really need to be sure that I will at the very least pass this course because that’s a lot of money to see go down the drain if I don’t.

3. Get my haircut
It’s been at least 3 months since I’ve visited a hairdresser and I don’t mean to put it off but I sometimes can’t justify the expense to go. However I want to dye my hair and I like to do that just after I’ve had a trim so its off to the hair wizards I go.

4. Bake or make something sugary & sweet
The fridge is filled with eggs right now (thanks to our egg laying machines!) so I desperately need to use them up. I baked a rich chocolate cake last week but I want to do something different this time round like Lemon Meringue Pie.