Days are passing so quickly now, bringing the start of my next Uni course, Tech Maths, a little closer. I feel ill-prepared for it and because of this I’ve got the jitters.

So I’ve been reading my textbook and doing sample questions and I’m really enjoying the learning of new things but I know how Uni works, I know in a few weeks from now my lecturer is going to be cramming information down my throat and the whole cycle of not knowing whether Im sinking or Im swimming will begin again.

Not looking forward to that.

I hope I cope a lot better than I did last year, last year I was a monster whilst I was studying and I became completely consumed with the material. I was living and breathing everything to do with Engineering materials and it got so insane I started spewing forth everything I had learnt to anyone who would listen. I just couldn’t contain my excitement nor my newly found knowledge.

But as fascinated as I was with learning about the classification of materials, their structure and how to determine suitability of a material for an application I also remember the frustration and the anguish I felt when information wouldn’t sink into my mind as quickly as I needed it to. Whilst some students would spend 12 hours a week in study I spent far, far more. Somedays Id go to work with less than five hours sleep because I was up so late the night before studying my butt off. Other days I’d complete Uni assignment questions at work because I couldn’t switch my brain off.

Tech Maths I’m finding is going to be a similar story. During the day I’ll start scribbling algebra, logarithms and quadratic equations that Im learning to solve on my desk notepad just because it will pop into my head and I need to understand the way to the solution. I’ll also resort to this trick when I’ve become bored with whatever project I am working on and I want to really wake my brain up.

Still, I’m nervous and I hate this countdown to when my course starts and this feeling of not knowing whether I will pass my assignments or my exam. I don’t think I know how not to worry about it. Worrying is just my way of coping.