Not one of those girls

There is something definitely different about me and not in the weird and special kind of way but the “I think I’m a freak” way because I don’t talk about stuff like carbs or gym or my weight. Not that there is anything wrong with talking about these things I just don’t do it myself.

I may mention “Hey I need to lose some weight” or “I have really got to stop eating those chocolate bars.” But it’s more of a passing topic then something I discuss in detail so when I hear other women having full blown conversations about this stuff I really don’t get it. I honestly don’t understand the fascination with comparing diets or what health foods I should be eating (or not) or how many calories I need to burn against x amount of food intake (unless this is a maths question I need to answer).

However, Im fascinated by their own fascination with this stuff. I like to read about or listen to people talk about it but I don’t necessarily need to join the conversation nor do I feel inclined to start copying their behaviour.

My theory is that I enjoy food in a way that I just want to eat what I want to eat and any thought of limiting that simple request is not something I want to do to myself. Probably why I shy away from dieting and anything related to it.

Life is just way too short to me so I would rather spend it doing things that make me happy (eating and drinking foods I enjoy immensely in this case) rather than do things which make me miserable (dieting).

Regardless I find my lack of interest a little odd and thus myself a little odd. Kind of like the odd one out.