A return to the hand written journal


In my youth I used to do a lot of journaling. I filled exercise book after exercise book with my words, my thoughts and my feelings and I enjoyed it immensely. I admit most of those pages were filled with my latest crush at the time and whether or not he noticed me but there were also some profound thoughts too so it wasn’t a complete waste of paper.

As I grew older however and my life picked up in pace, little by little I stopped writing so much. I still had so much to say and so many pages I could possibly fill but I also had a life that I needed to live. So the more my schedule filled up, the less of a priority my journal writing became till one day I simply stopped caring to journal anymore. The other day however I felt the sudden twinge to start a new one.

I was browsing WordPress and looking for inspiration for my next blog post when I found this blog entry and that twinge turned into a full blown ache of wanting. I had honestly forgotten how much I missed it and its not so much the writing and the filling of pages with words that I missed but the reading of those memories (after a few years have passed) which makes my heart ache.

Now I blog online but I only post a small amount of what’s going on with me. Mainly because its trivial and maybe a little repetitive and yet I regret not writing everything down because I tend to forget what I was worried about or excited over in the past and to me those memories are important.

So I took myself to Officeworks yesterday and fought the crowds of parents buying their children’s school books so I could pick up an ole cheap-o A5 size notebook for just over $2. In the past I used to buy books with fancy designer covers but I dont much care for that these days because for one, they are ridiculously expensive and two, if I feel so inclined to jazz a book up I’ll do it myself and give it a more personal feel.

I wrote only a page and a half of words in my journal that night – about the book I devoured in a day because it was such a great read and also about being nervous about my upcoming Uni course. It was nothing spectacular but it felt good writing about it just to get the thoughts off my chest and onto paper.

My aim is to write something, no matter how trivial, down in this new book and then read all I have written in the year 2014. I may even share some of these words here.