Could you survive in a apocalyptic world?

(Photo credit: arius86)

The other night I was watching the Sex and the City movie, admiring Carrie’s billowy green dress as she jogged delicately in heels across a busy New York street when a thought suddenly popped into my head.

How would Carrie Bradshaw survive an apocalyptic event? What kind of survival skills would she be able to bring to the table?

It kind of made me feel none too envious of people in positions like hers, positions that could be construed as frivolous and useless if the world were to turn to Hell. After all who is going to care about fashion when the world as you know is falling to pieces right around your feet? Certainly not me that’s for sure.

You see I’ve watched a fair amount of apocalyptic movies and TV shows over my life time and if there is one thing that I have learnt from nearly all of them is that women are normally the ones who get screwed over – big time.

Women are the nurturer’s, they are expected to prepare and cook food, conceive and give birth to children and be accommodating to their men. Men on the other hand are the hunters and the gathers of the species – bringing home the beef, protecting the women and children – but when survival mode kicks in they are portrayed quite like animals.

It’s nature, I know, but you know what? It sucks.

As a female I find it quite scary that if I were involved in an apocalyptic event, I could possibly turn into some kind of object to satisfy men’s lust because of my gender yet in my own vision of independence I don’t even see this as a possibility.

My own vision involves me bringing my own set of skills to the table so I’m treated with respect and perhaps even fear. Kind of like Katniss Everdeen without the acting and the cameras.

Big vision, I know but more importantly do I really have the real world skills to back it up?

Well no, not really. I have no hand to hand combat skills to speak of and I cannot hunt to save myself but what’s to say that I cannot improve on my lack of physical survival skills? Nothing really but my own drive to do so and on that note what are some of the other skills, besides the obvious outlined above, would I like to add to my own personal resume you may be asking?

1. Building and fixing motorbike and car engines

I don’t think I can envision a world completely without cars and motorbikes so if I want to get around I will need a mode of transport and if I know how to fix it then I won’t be dependant on another human being to do it for me.

2. To weld competently

There may come a time when I need to build something or assist building something or even fix my transport so I think being able to weld competently would be a good skill set to have. I actually hit Mr X up for him to teach me some of the finer points of welding which caused him to raise an eyebrow or two.

3. Operate and fly a plane

Some people see this as an expensive hobby yet you may never know when you will come across a plane in an apocalyptic world and just encase I definitely need to know how to fly one. Could come in handy if I want to escape to a secluded island if people are going a little bit nuts on the mainland.

4. Learn to speak and understand different languages

There may come a time when I will interact with the people who don’t speak good old fashion English so having a few other languages under my belt would go a long way to keeping me alive. Granted I can’t learn every language but if I pick a couple of the common secondary ones then it’s better than where I am now.

What type of survival skill(s) would you like to learn? Have you made practical steps towards learning it?