Belated gift

Christmas in the form of presents came late for me last year. Although I gave Mr X a copy of my wish list a month in advance, in true male form he left his shopping to the last minute. Unfortunately for him all my requests on said wish list could only be purchased online which left us wandering around the shopping centre, the day before Christmas, trying to source a gift for yours truly.

“Ooh Guess watches, and look at that one there! So pretty!”

The purple banded and face watch winked and sparkled at me as I gazed at appreciatively. I’ve wanted a new watch for awhile now but I’m difficult to please. I like chunky looking watches, with old fashion clock faces, designed in loud colours and its hard to find these for my tiny wrists.

We entered the store and requested a closer look at the watch only to become disappointed when I found the band, the beautiful purple band I ooh and aah’d over outside the shop window, was made from plastic. Not even a tough grade of plastic but the light and cheap variety.

“I’m not willing to let you spend $300 dollars on a lump of plastic. Lets get out of here.”
“We’ll that’s a relief because I wouldn’t of done so anyway.”

It’s not true. If I had of wanted that watch, plastic or not, Mr X would of bought for me.

“Ok, what would you like instead of a watch?”
“Ummm an iPad mini?”

However this latest Apple product must of been on everyone’s Christmas list because we failed to find even one. We walked and walked and walked around the shopping centre, entering any shop that could possibly sell their products but we always came out empty handed. I knew the mini was a popular gift but this was beyond ridiculous.

“So what now?”
“I’m just going to wait it out. I can’t think of anything and I’m exhausted from all this disappointment.”

So a week or so passed and the Christmas rush and Boxing Day sales ended and we ended up at the shops on another errand when I wondered loudly if there were any mini’s available, though not holding out any hope.

“Actually we just got a shipment in. Which colour would you like?”


“This year how about you do something a little different, like shop for presents weeks before the 25th of December?”

“Why is that? You got what you wanted, didn’t you?”

Le sigh.

iPad mini