Thanks for happening 2012

The year of 2012 hasn’t been too bad for me. Not exactly the best year of my life but then again it hasn’t been the worst either.

I don’t really wish to recall every single thing that happened and I wouldn’t want to bore anyone with those details anyway but I do want to acknowledge some of the notable things that I learnt about myself in the year that has nearly passed.

My way of saying good riddance to 2012 yet I’m glad I was around to be apart of it.

1. The silver lining

I don’t delve too much into negativity on my blog but I must admit that some annoying stuff went down this year which I am none too pleased about. Yet even amongst the chaos that shadowed these untimely events I still tried to find one positive aspect of the situation.

One of these annoyances was a car accident that I was involved in, that was not at all my fault yet was deemed a no fault accident, which left me without my own car for some time.

It was hell because my car insurance didn’t include car hire in its policy and even if it had of it would have only been for two weeks. Unfortunately it took two months to get my car back. So in the meantime Mr X and I had to outlay an exorbitant amount of money to get his V8 back on the road so I could get to work every day.

Now although that event sucked to highest power I am glad of one thing that came from this event and that is having that V8 back on the road. It probably wouldn’t of happened in the next 12 months if it hadn’t and I think it depressed Mr X seeing his car just sit there but knowing we had other bills to pay before it became a priority. At least now we have a back up car if something were to go down again.

Touch bloody wood that it does not.

2. Being accepted in University

Definitely one of the biggest highlights of the year 2012 and more so because I thought I wouldn’t be accepted due to some grades from High School. However I underestimated how my current job would factor into the situation and unlike High School, I’ve been aiming for above average grades this time.

I guess I can thank adulthood for that.

3. Do what you love and do it well

I can still recall my High School art teacher telling me that I needed to find something I was passionate about and to apply myself more if I wanted to succeed in life. At the time I joked to my friends about the comment but as an older version of myself I can now see what she was talking about.

I can be quite a lazy person sometimes yet as soon as I find something I really love then I am bending over backwards to do it well. I don’t think I’ll ever be the kind of person who will be good at everything and realistically, who is? I’m just pleased that I can find motivation when my passion is aroused.

4. Don’t take shit from anybody

You won’t find any details of this in my blog and the only reason I am bringing it up now is because I want to acknowledge that I finally put my foot down, I finally decided to remove all the negative people from my life this year and I’m not sorry about it either.

Normally I’m a very tolerant person and I used to let people have second, third, fourth chances but not anymore. If you want my respect then you have to earn it not demand it and I don’t mind if this is what people expect of me too.

Gone are the days of me being too carefree with my kindness.

So there it is, my adieus amigos to 2012. Wishing everyone a prosperous new year in 2013 and hoping that it has more up’s than downs for you. Cheers!