Quintessential Australian Christmas

Although I have never experienced a white Christmas in my lifetime thus far I don’t feel as if I have really missed out.

When I listen to people foreign to Australia talk of how sad it is to be having such a hot Christmas when all they have experienced before has been snow I actually feel a little sorry for them. Sure that cold, white stuff is nice to see at this time of year but so is Christmas in the Summer.

Instead of wearing three layers of clothing we get to wear shorts and singlets and swimwear at the beach.

Yes. The beach.


We get to swim in the ocean at Christmas time and when the mercury rises to around 38 degrees celsius it’s just about the best thing in the world to jump into the cool waters that nature provides us with.

Even for those living far from the ocean they still have a merry time because if there isn’t an ocean nearby then there is most likely a pool or a dam or even the humble garden hose.

Yep don’t be shy folks. Sitting under the hose on a hot day is acceptable and sometimes even applauded. Australians really are unique in the way that if it’s hot we will figure out a way to cool off and usually in the most fun way possible so don’t be surprised if you see makeshift water slides made from tarpolines or people sitting on plastic chairs underneath their backyard sprinkler whilst sipping on a few sherbets (alcoholic drinks). It’s all good.

Also at Christmas we get to gorge on a variety of foods such as prawns, mud crab, ice cream, rum balls, coconut slice and roast meats and veggies because it is so hot here you practically sweat off the kilos.

What’s that? Would I like a second helping of Christmas pudding and custard? Don’t mind if I do!

seafood - bug & mud crab

And after you have filled your belly with copious amounts of great tasting tucker (food) you can do one of two things. You can enjoy a variety of sports activities such as cricket and football or you can take a little ole nap underneath a shady gum or on the verandah.

Australian Christmas’s are one of the best events to experience and if your own hasn’t been so great than you’re obviously not doing it right.

christmas tree bauble