Organised lightning

Although my tree was up on December 1st this year it wasnt exactly the finished product till the next day. I mistakenly started to untangle 10 metres of fairy lights late Saturday afternoon/night in preparation of decorating when Mr X arrived home only to find the lights wouldnt work when I plugged them in.

Gee that’s odd, I thought to myself.

So I checked the plug and it was in the power point properly so I checked the transformer to find it getting warm so power was generating so lastly I checked the wires going to the lights and was taken by surprised upon moving them that blue sparks shot out.

“Argh Crud!” I shouted, dropping the wires into the floor and quickly unplugging the cord from its power source.

Electricity is really just organised lightning – George Carlin

I have a love hate relationship with electricity. I love how useful it is to power up all my electrical goodies yet I hate how dangerous it can be when exposed to live power. I’ve had a few close calls – one of the worst nearly saw me drive my car into fallen power lines and I only stopped because a man on the side flagged me down – though the worst electric shock I’ve ever received was from an electric fence which if you have had the same experience, is not a bad as it may seem.

So I’m not entirely sure where this fear of electricity ever originated from. I believe it manifested itself as I became older and more wiser to the dangerous things in life and now it kind of paralyses me to a degree even if I want to specialise in Electrical side of this Engineering degree I might not because I may have to work with electricity at some point down the track.

Fairly screwed up thinking but I do think about it nonetheless and I’m not sure if it’s something I can overcome, even if I wanted to.

Mr X seems to think I would be fine, I just need to gain a healthy respect for electricity and not fear it so much and I guess he knows because he’s an Electrician and works with it everyday but I’m still not sure.

In what way has fear held you back? And did you find a way to overcome it?