Bank employee – You have been weighed, you have been measured and you have been found wanting

So I received the loan paperwork on Friday and there are mistakes on it.

Mr X’s job description is wrong. Where I work is wrong. The date I moved to current place of residence is wrong.




I probably could be more forgiving of this situation if it wasn’t for the fact that I sent bank employee copies of our pay slips, letters from the HR departments confirming our job titles and start dates with the company logos on the top and yet she still managed to fuck it up.

I told you I’m dealing with someone who has no business doing loan applications.

So it’s off to the bank on Monday afternoon to see if someone there can fix this. I’m also going to make a formal complaint against this person as it has taken me 2 months to get to here, just to get the paperwork and all because this person lacks initiative.

In the end, after all the time I spent obtaining paperwork on her behalf and emailing it to her she then sends me a substandard document.

Why the hell so many mistakes? We aren’t dealing with rocket science, are we? I mean she had all of the documentation I gave her in her hot little hands and all she had to do was copy the information from one document to another. Is that really too difficult for her brain to compute or what?

I’m not exactly sure whom we are employing in the banks these days but I sure would like the person who has my personal details and credit information to be a little more competent when they are typing up loan information.

After all if they show this level of stupidity and ignorance in copying data from one document to another then how good are they at keeping my private information confidential?