Grades are in

Course grades became available the other week but I’ve been juggling so much other stuff that I forgot to post about it.

I was also waiting to see where I had lost marks but the lecturer hasn’t returned the assignments with the markings on them because according to him he has too many students and no time to do anything but teach class. It sure didnt seem to affect how soon we receive our results for the first 2 assignments, before feedback was done.

Anyway the results are in and on Assignment 3 I received 20/20 and the team project we got 18/20. Overall I was left with 94/100 which exceeds all of my expectations on how well I was going to do.

After losing 4 points on Assignment 2, (bloody lever rule!) and revising where I went wrong, I feel confident I know what I’m talking about or at least I know how to find and interpret the information. However I don’t know why our group lost 2 points for the team project. Honestly who cares because we did real good on it but I’m still curious nonetheless.

Now I’ve got to hit the books again to prepare myself for next years Engineering courses. First up is tech maths and I’m kind of freakin about it. I do like maths but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be great at it and there’s lots of learning required and there’s an exam. So far I haven’t done one of those.