Scheduling it in

A friend of mine, Madam G, mentioned the need for her to do something for her birthday next month. Her idea of celebrating this occasion was nothing extravagant and it mostly involved a takeaway box from the cheesecake shop and alcoholic beverages but nonetheless I quite liked the idea when she spun it to me.

Normally I tend to not attend parties and not because I don’t care or I don’t like to have fun but because I’m always busy and it’s an effort to schedule it in. I’ve always got something pressing to do these days whether it’s work, uni assignments, house repairs and maintenance, car repairs and maintenance, its full steam ahead with one project or another.

Besides when I do get to chill out, after I’m content ive done enough work for the day, the last thing i want to do is “go for drinks” because for one I live out-of-town and so I can’t drink too much as i need to drive home and two, what spare time i do have i like to spend it with Mr X.

In the end it’s sometimes just easier to stay home, drink my bourbon, eat my junk food whilst watching reruns of Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries.

Saying that however I do believe there are times you have to make an effort to socialize as well as have an excuse to try on some new nail polish. Sort of like the bottle I bought over the weekend.

“How about we just make it a girls day? We will eat cake, watch movies and gossip till our hearts content.” I texted to Madam G and I received an affirmative in return.

It felt good to organize this into my life.

nails(I definitely need to work on applying nail polish again. That and I need to stop doing anything whilst it’s drying!)