The bank which the zombies can have

I hate the bank my home loan is with. I have so many colourful words to express my dislike for it but none of them appropriate to post on my blog.

I guess its not the bank so much as it is the people handling my refinancing application that I hate but since a bank is only as good as the people who work in it and those people suck then im sticking to a generalisation.

In all my years I’ve never had to deal with such incompetence. These bastards (yeah sorry youll have to give me that one) have me jumping through hoops, performing tricks and I’m even doing their job for them because the person in charge of my application is a lazy little sod and cant operate a phone to call the company I work for to confirm I work there, cant even look on the system to see if a 100 point check has been done instead i have to call another bank employee to get the information and tell her its there.

Frigging ridiculous.

Online loan applications are shit and if you are asked to do one then my advice is to use a bank who does theirs face to face. You will save your time, not to mention your sanity. Why waste your time doing the application when there are people who are qualified to do it for you?

This application would of taken no more than one week if the person doing it had asked for all the information they would require at the start of the process instead of in dribs and drabs over the course of a month. Any sort of professional would of had this wrapped up in a nice little package by now but I don’t think I’m dealing with a person with actual experience. Its smells like one professional overseeing a group of cheap labour workers. You know the ones they pay $5 an hour to in other countries.

If it wasnt for the fact that I’ve already invested so much of my time in this application I would be looking elsewhere. The best thing I can do now however is suck it up, get the home loan refinanced, save like mad for 6 months and reapply elsewhere.

Here’s to hoping I don’t receive anymore “I apologise for the delay in your application but I need…” emails or so help me I’ll wish for the zombie apocalypse on them.