Christmas Wishlist

It’s only November but I already feel the pressure of Christmas shopping upon me and although I like to shop for myself, I find it increasingly difficult to do so for someone else.

Mr X and I were discussing what we were going to purchase each other, sussing the other one out to see what would be suitable – and although Mr X is perceptive, I don’t think he really knows what to sort of gift to buy me. I wasn’t sure if its presumptuous of me to put together my own wish list but I did it anyway, just encase Mr X may need it.

(All Photo credits belong to the attached links)

1. Vintage Lighthouse print from PrintLand 2. Neil Peart RUSH TIME MACHINE wood pen from handmadepenstore 3. Temporary hair coloured chalk by ShareeBoutique 4. Stella Plate Stainless Steel Watch – Rose from Fossil Australia 5. Lily wood lantern from Dusk 6. Phone/Clutch/Wallet in French Script Fabric by Mr & Mrs Wallet 7. Florabotanica perfume by Balenciaga