Road trip 2012 – Part 1

After polishing off and submitting my last university assignment I really started to feel a little anxious about our upcoming road trip. I still hadn’t packed my suitcase, my toiletry bag and I still didn’t know if 3 coats would be enough for the cool weather I had been warned about in New South Wales.

“Is it 9 o’clock already? Crud! I need to go to bed!”

“What you need to do is to pack your suitcase.”

“I know, I know but I suck at packing! I don’t suppose you could help me fit all of this in there?”

Mr X sighed aloud and nodded his head. If there is one skill which I lack, it is packing a suitcase well and having that coupled that with my tiredness I just didn’t have the energy to try. It took Mr X all of 5 minutes to fit my pile of clothing into a neat package inside my case and have it zipped up.

He also managed to pack our food and spare linen neatly into separate plastic containers which I was thoroughly impressed by. At the time I had been finishing up assignments and so I thanked him profusely for picking up on my slack, not that he minded anyway.

adventureSunny skies greeted us the following morning and I’ve heard some people say that any great trip consists of not only good weather but also one of two things. Good location or good company. Lucky for me I had all three.

The original plan for our first day on the road was to be in the car, heading west around 8am but as good plans go, there were some hiccups and so after backtracking into the city (to fix said hiccups) and then out of the city, we were on the road at 10:30am. I pulled the Nikon from my bag and sat it in my lap, hugely excited to take some pictures of some different scenery.

I would have to say that Mr X is the most agreeable (being watching too much Pride & Prejudice obviously) person to travel with. We fell into such an easy routine on the road and when we stopped, that it made the whole experience so enjoyable. In all of the places I have seen, the best times I have had wasn’t because of where I was or what I was seeing but who I was seeing it with. This was one of those times.

One of the things that we did see on our travels – though it was unplanned – was sections of the Dingo Fence. The fence itself isn’t impressive unless you are referring to how long it is and although we didn’t have it on the itinerary it was definitely cool to see none the less.

These pictures were taken from the Boiling Springs lookout which is about a 10 minute drive from the main highway (Kingaroy to Dalby) and then another 10 minute drive on a dirt road.

Since it is a dirt road to get to this lookout and if it hasn’t rained then you could drive a normal car on it but I’d recommend 4WD’s and only because there is an incline. It is also on someone’s property so you have to open (and close) a gate. The drive is worth it however and if you don’t mind the cow pats, a very nice place to have some lunch.






To be continued…