Touch of romance

“What are you reading? — oh no, not another smut book.”
“Its not smut!” I cried incredulously slamming the book in question on the table whilst glaring at Mr X. He could only smile in return.

The book he referred to was one of the few romance novels I owned, recently unearthed from last years moving boxes. I immediately sat down with a cup of hot tea and started reading it and this is how Mr X found me. Cuppa in one hand, book in the other, completely engrossed with the words on the page before me. He wasn’t surprised in the least either.

Back in the day I would purchase a “new” romance novel from the second hand bookstore every other week. I enjoyed reading these kind of books with their great story lines and happy endings and from this my collection grew to close to 100 books.

However as I became older and started to become more or less embarrassed by new boyfriends seeing this collection of books I thought it was time to remove them from the bookcase. One day after another explanation of why I owned these books to some guy I had been seeing I packed them up and handed them on to a friend. Of course there were a few of these which I couldn’t bare to part with so I hid them away, only bringing them out on the odd occasion.

Looking back it annoys me that I did that, gave books I loved away because of the remarks of a few guys who are not around today anyway. Fortunately I don’t need to do this with Mr X and even though he likes to tease me about them, when he would witness me reading one, I knew it came from a good place and not a bad one.

“Here, would you like me to read you a few pages to prove it to you?” picking up my book and preparing to do just that.

“Yeah, no. I think there’s some grass which needs mowing or something.” answered Mr X, disappearing out the back door.

“Great timing..” I said aloud to myself “…because I got a book that needs reading.”


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