Listen up private accommodation businesses..

When it comes to free wi-fi, Australia lacks in comparison to other countries.

Of course I expected free internet to be scarce whilst we travelled in western Queensland and in small townships of New South Wales but we also stayed in heavily populated places too and what I didn’t expect was the lack of internet at B&B’s and self-contained places we stayed at. Some of these places were privately rented, just the way we wanted it, but I was really disheartened to find how many of them lacked some new age technology. Especially when I found them online and I booked them online.

Wake up small business! If you want to attract new travellers then provide them with some new age technology!

No wonder we suck at getting tourist to visit Australia. First we charge people too much for accommodation but then we don’t offer them any kind of technology they would find at home. Like internet. How difficult is it to offer such a basic thing?

I of course was aware of the lack of internet in the places we stayed. It was the sacrifice I made to have other things we wanted but I just want to go on record here, for any private businesses out there who rent a room or host a B&B that if you want to attract travellers and get them coming back then offer free wi-fi. Just saying.

End of rant.

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