On Vacation

As far as vacations go this one has been a little tiring. Between traveling to a different destination each day and the walking I’m almost worn out. Our next stop however we will have 5 nights of being in the one location. I may even unpack my suitcase.

“I took over 300 shots today.” I announced to Mr X, as I swiveled my laptop around to show him the collection. “Here. Check them out.”

Around a month before my vacation I decided to splurge out and purchase a DSLR. I had never used one before but figured I’d master it between my job and Uni. However Im not used to thinking so much when taking shots and my brains a little dead after assignments. Come on brain!

“You got some really good shots here. I’m really proud.” smiled Mr X and I smiled in return.

I needed the praise and encouragement especially for the days ahead of us as they are pretty much the reason why we took this trip into this part of Australia.

It felt good to do this and not work nor Uni. It felt good to do something I wasn’t obligated to do it.

“Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day.” declared Mr X and I could only nod my head in agreement.

Tomorrow is the beginning of what this trip is about.

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