The upside of being a distance student

One of the best things that I have learnt about being a distance Uni student would have to the ability to research.

I’ve mentioned previously that this course that I’m currently studying has minimal input from the class lecturer which was hugely intimidating for a person who didn’t even know what Young’s modulus was let alone try and find it on a Stress/Strain graph.

In the beginning I found this to be enormously frustrating especially when I couldn’t understand what some Engineering questions meant let alone answer them and although I have a background in Engineering not much of it touched upon what I’m currently learning in this course.

However the added benefit of being left to my own devices was figuring stuff out on my own. I had a choice to either sink or swim and I decided on the later on the two options.

My first assignment and I completely aced it. It was the best reward for all my hard work and ultimately, my research abilities.

Would I have achieved these research abilities as an internal student? I have no idea yet when I watch class tutorials with lecturer’s showing their students what stuff means and not allowing them to figure it out themselves I don’t believe my ability to research would of been so good.

Although being a distance student has some downfalls – such as less hands on learning, minimal time with lecturer’s, no hanging out with your class peers – I can also see the benefits such as independent learning, improved communication methods when working with classmates who are distance students such as yourself, improved research abilities.

Overall both learning methods have their benefits yet for me I’m glad I’m not studying within a classroom.

What about you?

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