Uni assignments

Gosh, Uni is so stressful to me sometimes. I think I’m going to give myself an ulcer from worrying so damn much. I want to do well but not for the sake of my health. However, I can’t stop striving to do my best. I’m not sure why I’m so driven.

My last assignment after I had submitted it, had left me in a quivering heap, so when I saw the email an hour later telling us the submission date was extended to the Monday (due to uploading issues) I almost ask my lecturer if he could release it so I could keep working on it. The only thing that stopped me was the idea of spending my first free weekend in a month doing just that. Yuck.

It was probably well and good that I left it alone because I passed it (and when I say passed what I mean is I aced it). I wasn’t expecting a full 100% but I did think I answered the questions as best as I could. It was a relief that I understood the material and explained myself well.

This latest assignment although not as soul-destroying as the previous one, sure did give my brain a work out. One of the questions involved interpreting a phase diagram between two elements. I think I understood and answered the questions correctly though I did become confused about when (at what temperature) the elements solidified into the alpha + beta phase. The question referred to 1 degree below the eutectic point so I figured it wouldn’t change much so I calculated the percentage answer based on that point.

I’m not sure if that is correct but it made sense to me. I was beyond exhausted by the time I submitted. I was even too tired to proof read properly.

I’m not sure how I did overall and I don’t hesitate to guess. I seem to suck at guessing how well I’ve done on an assignment which is kind of stupid if I know I’ve answered something correctly.

I guess my sense of unknowing comes from not being 100% sure I’ve read the phase diagram right or I’ve not explained how I arrived at my answers well enough for the lecturer to understand. The phase part worries me mostly because if I am wrong, it’s a huge chunk of my mark for that assessment.

Two more assignments to go and I’m so looking forward to my vacation after all of this hard work.

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