Vacation countdown

Whilst browsing the Internet the other day and booking accommodation it suddenly hit me. In less than 7 weeks I’ll be on vacation!

My heart did little flip-flops in response.

It has been nearly twelve months since my last holiday and even then you couldn’t call it that because I didn’t go anywhere special and I certainly didn’t spend it relaxing on a beach somewhere. All I did was pack boxes and move house. I personally would have preferred to work.

No this upcoming holiday is my first real vacation in many, many years. I’ll be visiting places in Australia I haven’t been to before and one of these destinations has picturesque scenery as well as great walking tracks.

I’m no fitness fanatic but I do enjoy walking.

I’m also under the impression that there are some great little coffee shops that I’ll be needing to visit also. I don’t drink much hot coffee anymore but I do love me some iced coffee made with milk and ice-cream. Yum!

I won’t go into any great detail about the places I’ll be visiting right now because I plan on writing about them when I’m there, exploring and enjoying them. However I will express how beautiful and cozy one of these places appears from the many photographs I have seen. Even my temporary landlord sounds very welcoming and has sent me heaps of information on things to do whilst I’m in town.

I’m just so looking forward to the time off and seeing more of this country that I love so much. And come October that is exactly what I’ll be doing.

Let the vacation countdown begin!

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