Ten years ago

Ten years ago I was:

Unemployed and receiving government benefits || Smoking and didn’t want to give up || Going out at least three times a week to drink and socialise || Trying to make friends || Without a car and couldn’t drive to save myself || Eating like a bird || Lacking in self-confidence || Telling myself that I wouldn’t achieve much in my lifetime || Unsure of who I wanted to be when I “grew up”

These days however I am:

Employed within a field that I love and studying to understand it better || Enjoying a smokeless existence || Drinking less than twice a month, if at all || Realising who my real friends are and who are not || With a manual license and have owned several cars since I got it || Indulging in all of the delicious of the world and enjoying every moment of it || Very self-assured in what I am doing with my life || Realising that I can accomplish anything as long as I am willing to work for it || Wanting to be happy through out my life

It’s amazing how much can change in ten years.

4 thoughts on “Ten years ago

  1. Its crazy to think of how much anyone changes in that amount of time, because as the person living it, it will only seem like “yesterday”. This is a good post idea!

    1. For me I found it difficult to remember how much my life had changed over the years until I started to list what my achievements have been. This definitely brought it into prospective.

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