The downside of studying externally

The one thing I really dislike about being a distance student is the lack of actual classes.

I know, that is the whole point of it, isn’t it? To be able to work a full time job and study in your own time but what I didn’t count on was taking a class that had minimal input from the Lecturer and had no video’s tutorials.

You want to know how I am learning then? By reading my class textbooks and the internet. I read set chapters from the textbooks each week and then I answer the chapter questions from one of the textbooks. If I cannot gain enough information to answer these questions sufficiently then I look on the internet.

That is my class in a nutshell.

My last class was similar except at the beginning I had residential school and a lot of our assignments were based on those 3 days of in class learning. This class however has none of that and yet I think the students, especially those ones straight out of high school, would of benefited from at least video tutorials.

As it stands I have no idea how anyone is completing this class (Engineering materials) and completing the one on electricity. I’m already behind in my workbook because my assignment has been kicking my ass so I can’t imagine doing more than I’m already doing now without turning into a hermit.

Maybe that is the secret. Either that or perhaps trick my brain into learning more quickly or something.

Are you studying externally? How are your classes “taught”?

3 thoughts on “The downside of studying externally

  1. I always used to wonder the same thing about people I went to college with. I would break my backside doing assignments, and others would seemingly breeze through them. I guess the trick they had was in “appearing” to make it easy, when in reality they were working just as hard, but not letting on.

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