Organisation in amongst the chaos

When I wish to write or be creative on my computer I’m inspired more so by surrounding myself with “pretty things”. This translates mostly having a nice environment to write in – a room/space that is filled with adequate natural light, is clean and smells fresh – and I also enjoy having a nice platform/computer to work with.

Recently I have started to feel a little bogged down by all the stuff that was in the house – magazines piled untidy in the book-case, computer cords trailing along the floor to various electronics equipment, unused furniture taking up space. It became so distracting in fact that I could barely concentrate on what I was doing and each time I lifted my eyes up from the screen I was greeted by this mess before me.

So I started to clean up.

My current budget doesn’t quite allow me to go all out but I do have some cash left over from last week so I visited a furniture store and picked up a couple of cheap bookcases. Next I visited the dollar store where you can almost pick anything up for under $5. It was here I bought some nice coloured candles – the scented variety – and unpacked some of my knick knacks that I have kept hidden away.

It always leaves me feeling good when I have had a good clean out in one form or another. Whether it’s going through my filing cabinet and sorting out my paperwork or a clean out of my hard drive. It’s nice to find some organisation in amongst the chaos and my head feels a lot more clearer.

2 thoughts on “Organisation in amongst the chaos

  1. I am exactly the same way – although I fight a losing battle around our house against three little girls and quite possibly the most untidy other half in the known universe. Loving your blog!

    1. As a child I remember using the whole house as my playground – rain, hail or shine – and my toys were scattered everywhere so I can just imagine the kind of mess you are talking about :)

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