A new day and a new tax

It’s a dawn of a new day, a new month and a new tax. Thanks to our illustrious (cough) leader, Miss Julia Gillard a carbon tax has been imposed on Australia.

I find it interesting that this was thrust upon us Australians even after she said that she wouldn’t impose this tax under her leadership. I find it interesting that she didn’t allow the average Australian to vote on it. I guess her belly was just too yellow to allow that to happen. I guess she much preferred ruling this country as a dictatorship rather than a democracy.

Will this new tax reduce carbon emissions and therefore our carbon foot print?

Will monkey’s grow wings and learn to fly?

Only time will tell…

3 thoughts on “A new day and a new tax

  1. One thing I think the Government has really failed to do with this carbon tax is to market it. I think there would be a lot of people (not nessciarly yourself) that wouldn’t be as against the Carbon Tax if they understood it more. Most working class and middle class families will actually be a lot better off as well as single people with no dependants. I know personally I am a lot better off under the new Carbon Tax as my income is now taxed less. Most families with children will also be recieving payments that are a lot greater than what the Carbon Tax would actually cost them. The carbon tax should only be paid by the 294 biggest businesses in the country who produce the greatest amount of Carbon. I understand that these taxes will make prices increase, but the ACCC will be monitoring this to make sure this tax isn’t directly passed onto consumers.


    The above link explains it a lot better than I do. And a lot better than Julia ever did. Her biggest mistake in my opinion, was not hiring a better marketing team. A child could explain the new Carbon Tax better than her marketing team did.

  2. Personally I think the one thing this government failed to do was be completely honest about it’s intentions if elected to power. That is what makes me so angry. I wouldn’t of voted Labor if this notion was made clear from the start and I’m not the only person that feels this way. All Australian’s should of been given a choice whether to implement this plan and had it forced upon us. If Julia had changed her mind about wanting this tax then she should of had the guts to take it to a vote.

    That being said I’m not sure if this carbon tax is the best thing even with all the freebies and hand outs the government is offering. At work the other day I saw an fax that outlined the cost of refrigerants which were going to increase in some cases 300%, a cost which will be passed onto the consumer. Doesn’t sound like a big deal yet just think about where you buy your food from and how much does the supermarket transport goods to bring this food to you? Just think of how much the supermarket spends to store the food and then just think of where are most supermarkets located? Inside a shopping centre which has air conditioning.

    This is just one thing that will be impacted but there will be many others to come I’m sure.

    Yes we need to reduce our impact upon the environment and yes we need it sooner rather than later but I don’t think the way the Labor government forced this upon us is right nor has it been thought through.

    P.S – Thanks for commenting about this issue. It’s good to hear what other people think :)

    1. no worries, it’s always nice when people respect differing opinions to their own. I agree with you about the vote, though I do agree with this tax. It’s possibly just me but I think people are making a bigger deal than it is. In Sweden the large companies are charged in the $100.00’s of dollars per ton, where as in Australia it will be $23 a tonne. There are also over 40 countries around the world that have implimented a tax very similar around the world and haven’t seen the comsumers paying the price. The ACCC is meant to be protecting comsumers from companies such as Woolworths and other large supermarkets from passing these costs from what is reasonable onto the consumer, that is where the $9 sum comes from, the estimated additional expense predicted that it will cost the average household, the government is then handing a slightly larger sum to families with children, pensions etc so these people will be better off. There are also a wide variety of other tax cuts that will help all working australians. At the end of the day the idea is that large companies pay for their cost onto the environment and for it to encourage these large companies to look into other sources of greener energy to reduce their costs. The above article also shows that the GST, the medicare levy rising because of the brisbane floods and the Yasi Cyclone levy where all taxes that cost the average household more money. But there wasn’t as much negativity about those once they were implimented and I kind of hope the Carbon Tax does the same. In my opinion some action towards the environment is better than no action. Time will tell if it will have its desired effect.

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