University grading

When I first applied to study at my present University I didn’t really think about how the campus would grade it’s students.

Some universities in Australia use bell curve grading but the place I study with requires me to pass each and every assignment or exam I’m given and the grade I get, is the grade I get. For instance if I have 4 assignments and I pass 3 of those assignment but fail 1 then I essentially fail the course and need to do make up tests/assignments.

Now I’m not what everyone else prefers but I know I prefer to be graded on my own abilities rather than depend of my classmates to inflate my grade. In my first Uni course I had to carry out two team projects and although I did work with some clever people I did find one particular person lacking my kind of attention to detail skills.

As you can imagine I became a little neurotic during this time, more so when I reviewed his contribution to the project and found it very poor indeed. Normally I wouldn’t of cared if all he was looking for was a pass but because I was looking for more than just a pass, and this was a team project, what he did or didn’t do essentially effected my grade.

As much as I like working in teams, I hated being dependant on another person for a passing grade, even if that meant a good one. This is probably why I don’t like the bell curve grading system.

Anyway, the point of this entry is to announce my first Uni grade which is a D, as in Distinction. As in I received a score between 75 – 84 out of 100. (!!!!!) And although this grade was somewhat helped by two team projects I also know that I earned every single mark that gave me that damn D too.

What kind of grading system does the University you study with use? Do you like it?

2 thoughts on “University grading

  1. In California, where I attend school, its different, and a D means that you didn’t pass the class! So when I read “I got a D” I thought ‘oh no’, then I read the rest of the sentence! For me, if I have 4 assignments and only turn in 3, it just goes towards my overall grade. I can miss assignments and pass the class, they are only worth a certain amount of points. As long as I have enough points overall, I can choose not to turn something in. I like this system.

  2. Ha ha! Yeah, I remember in high school (where students in years 7 to 12 study) a D was pretty bad. I’m not sure why universities use different names for grades.

    Your system sounds great because you’re only required to submit enough assignments to pass the class which is very nice. Probably not a good system for me however. As much as I like learning and getting good grades I definitely need to be motivated to do so and by making me submit all content AND requiring me to pass each assignment I’m seriously motivated!

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