Life is good

As weeks go this one has been a pleasant one and filled with good news.

To begin with the company I work for has finally granted us a pay rise and by us I mean the wage earners in the workshop. It wasn’t as much as we would have liked but it’s better than a kick in the teeth and the extra money will be well spent none the less.

Secondly, I’m done with uni until the beginning of July. I don’t know how my grade sits just yet – especially after that last project which was quite frustrating to say the least – but I’ve learned some worthy things during that last course and I don’t feel I wasted my time.

And thirdly, stuff – as in renovating – is starting to get done around this house. There is carpet on the floors where once there was timber floor boards and walls are being prepped for paint. I’m thinking of using wallpaper on one of the kitchen walls to turn it into a feature piece and I’m currently sifting through lighting catalogues to find the perfect light to hang above the dinning room table.

I feel so blessed to be living my life right now. I have a great job which is not mainstream and common thus keeping me interested, I have family who love me and support me and I’m studying something I feel completely passionate about.

It’s more than I have ever asked for and I feel completely grateful for it.

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