iLove my MacBook

Since starting Uni it’s been really difficult to find time to just enjoy sitting on my computer with no assignments requiring my immediate attention. It was even getting to the stage where I started to avoid my Mac because I was always doing work on it with no real playtime.

That has been rectified this weekend as I spent Saturday morning in my PJ’s no less, opening up every program I could lay my finger upon and exploring the ins and outs of this relatively new apple product.


Some of my favourite programs so far …..

Oh my. I love iTunes! My old laptop had it but since the computer was secondhand, it ran so slow so I rarely used it. On the Mac however I can’t stop downloading stuff! And it looks so pretty! I’m a complete sucker for shiny things.

Completely entertained with this! I could happily make & edit movies all day, every day. If I didn’t love my day job so much I’d want to do this for a living.

App Store
Although I have the App store on my phone it sure is nice to be able to play some app style games on the MacBook too. I haven’t found anything as addictive just yet, probably a good thing since I have limited time play time on my computer these days, but that hasn’t stopped me from cluttering up the launch pad with unnecessary junk.

Some of my favourite MacBook features…

Multi-touch track pad
I’ve used touch pads on numerous computers over the years and none of them can hold a candle to the MacBook’s. It’s smooth, responsive and easy to use. No more portable mice for me.

Back-lit keyboard
I know I’ve mentioned it before but I simply love this feature so much that I had mention it again. I sometimes work in the dark just so I can spin out on the bright lights. Again, I’m a total sucker for shiny things.

Short keys
One thing I have learned about the Mac is that it has many short keys and navigating this piece of machinery can sometimes depend on you knowing and using them. I’ve only learned a few so far that I can remember off the top of my head like to taking screen shots (whole screen, selecting portion of the screen etc), moving the cursor to the end or beginning of a sentence without using the touchpad, but I like the concept already.

Do you love a piece of technology? It doesn’t necessary have to be an Apple product either. Name your own “iLove” in the comments section below, I’d love to hear them..

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