Coffee shop conversation

“Do you think the couple behind me is on a date?”

Mr X and I were at a local coffee shop enjoying a variety of sugary treats when my gaze became a little fixated on a man and woman sitting on a cozy couch behind me. The woman was in her late forties, dressed in dark green skinny jeans, a creamy, woolen billowy coat and pair of suede boots with a small heel. She fiddled with her hair – which she wore down – as she spoke to her companion. The man was also dressed nicely in blue denim jeans and a dark blue button up shirt. He too had long hair which he wore in a tidy ponytail but he still appeared a little rough around the edges.

“Well he’s wearing a wedding ring and so is she. Could they be married?”

I looked over my shoulder to see if I could answer this question by body language alone. Unfortunately it was difficult to tell what their relationship was without hearing their conversation too.

“Yeah, maybe. Look at how he is sitting though. He’s quite stiff and looks a little uncomfortable but he is quite attentive towards her.”

“Maybe they’re having an affair!”

We both broke into peels of laughter at this assumption. I liked how he not only caught onto the silliness of the conversation but that he also played along.

“Has he spoken at all since we’ve been here?” I asked, taking a sip of my coffee whilst taking a peek over my shoulder for the hundredth time.

Mr X looked again and watched them whilst I watched his facial expressions.

“You know, I don’t think he has. He hasn’t stopped looking at her though. Very attentive.” he replied.

“Maybe he’s a serial killer!”

“Uh oh. Better remember that face in case it’s in the news tomorrow.”

2 thoughts on “Coffee shop conversation

  1. Oh coffee shop exploits. Nicely written. I could imagine coming across this in a book. Very descriptive! People go to coffee shops to be seen, I firmly believe. If only you could walk up and ask these folks what they were doing without seeming a total creeper. Although, the stories we invent are probably more fun.

    1. Yes I can just imagine how that conversation would go down.
      “Hi, I’m sorry to interrupt but I couldn’t help notice that both of you are wearing wedding rings yet you Sir don’t look really comfortable sitting here. Are you having an affair?”

      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m pleased that someone enjoyed reading this!

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