Beauty and the Beast

“Ha ha!”

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh this article I just read on the Daily Mail. It’s titled ‘Why women hate me for being beautiful’.”

I shoved my iPhone underneath Mr X’s nose so he could read it for himself. A raised brow was his only response.

“It really does amuse me when a woman will write something like this one day only to be sobbing into their pillow the next because people decide to voice an opinion and it’s not what they want to hear. Talk about throwing yourself to the wolves with raw meat hanging around your neck and expecting them to not eat you alive.”

Nodding his head Mr X returned to his magazine.

“Whether a woman or man for that matter is physically beautiful or not is irrelevant to me because no matter how attractive you are or think you are on the outside it all means nothing if the “inside” is only filled with ugliness.”

Have you read this article? If so how do you feel about it?

4 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. I read the article after I found lots of people were tweeting outrage about it. The content of the article doesn’t upset me as much as the horrible comments that people left her, even though she has some very questionable views about women and men. I also kicked myself for becoming one of those “click” people and I should have known better as soon as I knew it was the Daily Mail. Won’t make that mistake again.

    1. :) Yeah sorry. I tried to put some red flags up just encase people didn’t want to read it.

      I agree. Some people said some horrible things (death threats) which we’re uncalled for.

  2. I started to read the article, but couldn’t get through it. Its one thing to have a positive body image, but she comes across as being quite snooty about it. You’re really going to brag about how men fawn over you? That’s probably why no one likes her.

    “You need to be more than a pretty face”

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