Things I miss

Whilst everyone else around the world is enjoying their four-day weekend I’ve spent most of my time with my head in one textbook or another completing another assignment.

I don’t mind really. If I wasn’t doing study I’d only be spending my time watching movies or reading books or stuffing my face with chocolate.  All noteworthy tasks but where are they are going to get me right now besides fatter and less bored.

Truthfully though, I miss having time to just waste.

I miss just jumping in my car and going for a drive with no thought of a destination in mind.

I miss dropping in on friends randomly and hanging out.

I miss visiting the library and loading up on books to read for the next fortnight.

I miss taking photos of random stuff with my iPhone.

I miss eating ice-cream by the ocean and listening to the waves break against the shoreline.

I miss gardening and getting my hands dirty in the earth.

I know eventually I will get around to doing all the things that I miss right now, someday down the track most likely when I’m finished my studies and I have more time on my hands. By then I do suppose I will have made another list of things I miss due to finishing university but I suppose that will be okay too.

What things do you miss doing when you lack the time?

2 thoughts on “Things I miss

  1. Just wait for mid year uni holidays and end of year uni holidays… uni can be very intense, espicially during the middle and end of semster, thats why they give u heaps of holidays, to make up for how hard u have to work during semster.

    1. Yes. I can’t wait for those holidays!

      However this year I’m hoping to use the time becoming reacquainted with maths so I won’t get as much time off but next year I’ll have term 3 off so yay for that!

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