A week of learning

What I have learnt from Uni so far;

1. I can function on 5 hours of sleep if I really have to.

I spent many nights this week completing assignment related activities and sometimes it took my brain time to get going. I surprised myself how easy I found it to get out of bed in the morning after cramming the night before.

2. My brain needed to be reprogrammed.

In the beginning I would come home ready to write-up sections of my assignment only to find my mind was blank. However when I was at work I couldn’t stop the ideas from flowing and in between my job I was note taking. So I had to reprogram my brain and train it to be in work mode when I needed it and not when it thought it was due to my physical location at the time.

3. People do want to help me, all I need do is ask?

I was actually quite surprised how many people offered me advice on how to approach certain segments of my assignment. I found most of these insights helpful and especially so when it came from people who had the experience to back it up.

Of course not all of their advice was relevant but I appreciated that everyone had something to add when I asked for it.

Have you learnt anything important this week? If so, what is it?

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