Residency school

You really do need to have your brain switched on when attending university, don’t you?

I’ve had so much information throw at me that if I could write it all down the length would match a chapter in my first subject’s textbook.

Speaking of textbooks, it’s a good thing I decided to be pro-active and obtain mine early as the local bookshop has run out of copies and some of the assignments relate back to activities in the textbook. I’ll most likely start on my first assignment today as the guts of it is a reflection on my week at university and some of the things that I have learned so far and I need to jot that all down before I forget.

Overall, what an experience.

I never thought it possible to be so terrified and so utterly excited all at the same time. I also never thought that I could work with people I had never met before and manage to put together a 5 minute presentation which we were to present to nearly a hundred students in less than a day. An accomplishment in itself.

Now it’s time to hit the books and work on these assignments whilst I have the time. So many activities to work on, so little time to do it.

How was your week?

2 thoughts on “Residency school

  1. I always found the first semster of Uni to be the hardest, they really try and test you and make u prove that you deserve to be there, then it kind of settles down a bit, so definately don’t be discouraged if it’s hard at first. Enjoy and take it all in. It goes by fast!

  2. I must admit that first week at university was very eye opening. I’m not sure what I was expecting of my first class but what I can say is that a 5 minute presentation was the furthest thing from my mind when I showed up. I can see the sense in doing it but talk about being thrown in the deep end to see whether you will sink or swim.

    Thanks for the encouragement however. It’s very much appreciated!

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