First class preparations

“How soon do the materials get sent out once you sign up?”

“I’m not sure. Couple of weeks beforehand?”

I had just finished registering for my first class via the internet the other day when it suddenly hit me. I was going to be studying at Uni and I had no idea what to really expect. How well-preserved was my brain after all these years of no formal study? Would I require a tutor just to get me up to speed? Could I possibly remember all the mathematics formulas that I would require to pass my degree?

Just thinking about it awoke the butterflies in my stomach.

“I wonder if I can find out what text books I’ll need, so I can start reading up early.”

I’ve always known that the best way to combat my feelings of doubt is to ignore my first instinct of rushing back into my comfort zone and to jump into the sea of unfamiliarity. So when I don’t understand how something works, I’ll ask. If I’m not satisfied by the answer I will ask someone else. If I’m still not hundred percent sure then I’ll research material online about it until it sinks into my brain and I understand it.

It was precisely why I was at the University bookshop a few days later purchasing my first text-book which put a neat ninety-eight dollar dent in my savings account. Although I could have saved a bundle by purchasing the book online I might not of receive it for at least a week. Not exactly an option when I needed to start studying my first course immediately if I was to feel somewhat relaxed about it. Nevermind the fact that my course was still two and a half weeks off from starting.

“At least the profits from my purchase goes back into university and it’s facilities.”

Although it bothered me at spending more money than I should have I instantly forgot about it upon opening the text-book and reading the first chapter. For the next hour I happily parked myself on the lounge and lost myself in a fascinating subject matter and the more I read, the more relaxed I started to feel about my upcoming course.

Of course not all of the nervousness I was experiencing disappeared and nor did I expect it to. It was enough that I no longer felt so worried about my first uni subject but instead I felt a lot more prepared for it.

How do you prepare for your own classes? What methods do you suggest to overcome nervousness?

2 thoughts on “First class preparations

  1. I don’t prepare, at all. I bring my normal 3 ring binder with some loose leaf paper that I always use each semester, and a pen or pencil. All that stuff I keep in my backpack. Actually after last semester I didn’t even clean it out, so when school starting this semester I grabbed my backpack from where I left it in December and went back to school.

    I don’t buy textbooks, ever. First, they are too expensive, second, unless they are math, most teachers will lecture on all the test material you need to know, third, if I really need to look something up I can go to the school library or find articles on the net. Its a flip, some upper division courses will either forgo a textbook in leu of lecture material or the textbook costs get higher up as you go.

    This is all from experience though, even the books I bought or rented I never ended up using. However, I am in the medicine/science field.

    1. Gosh. I wish I had the brains to be able to pull off studying without a textbook. What a great quality to have!

      Unfortunately I tend to forget stuff easily unless it’s drilled into my memory over and over again so even if I was attending actual classes (I’m studying online or FLEX as they like to call it), solely taking notes would be useless to me.

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