New apple addition

Even though I’ve been computer user for a number of years I must admit that I have never purchased a new one.

My first computer was a third-hand desktop, a Pentium I in fact, purchased via an ad in the Courier Mail. For some unknown reason it used to eat the lithium batteries on the motherboard which would cause the problem of my computer “forgetting” that it needed to boot to the hard-drive first. I can’t recall how many times I pulled the cover off the darn beast just to replace that battery but it was enough to warrant purchasing my own special set of screw drivers and have a spare battery on hand at all times.

My second desktop, also someone else’s leftovers via an ad in the newspaper, was only slightly better. In the time that I owned it I replaced the CD drive, the graphics card and the hard drive twice and then the motherboard failed. Out into the trash that one went.

Over the years I have gone from one second-hand computer to another and although I would have enjoyed access to a new platform I just never got around to getting one.

Until now that is.

Last week I made a conscious decision to buy a new computer before I started Uni and after a little investigation on my part I finally decided on my new platform.

Macbook Pro

It’s a Macbook Pro with a i7 quad-core 2.4Ghz processor with a 15″ display and like most Apple products it was vastly more expensive than other models on the market but since I love my iPhone so much I figured I will probably love the MacBook the same and so far it’s met my expectations.

My favourite feature so far would have to be the backlit keyboard. It’s a handy addition for a night owl like myself and it’s also quite pretty to look at.

6 thoughts on “New apple addition

  1. I love my Macbook Pro. Yes, it was expensive, just like all Apple products are, but they last a long time and are built well. It takes a while to learn all the shortcuts and hidden keys and whatever on them. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a PC/Windows machine.

  2. They say that once you go Mac, you never go back and I do think they are right. I love the shortcut keys and the floating icons and the menu bar that is at the top of the screen!

    Yes. Mac and I were definitely made for each other :)

    1. I did look at the Macbook Air when I was shopping around but I figured that if I was going to spend that much money, I might as well spend a little more for the extra stuff instead.

      Apple’s are ridiculously expensive in Australia.

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