Unnecessary status updates

Like majority of the human population I own a Facebook account.

I don’t use it much other than to keep in touch with friends, family and to post the odd status update here and there. Some people on the other hand use the platform to announce every little last detail in their lives.

Normally this sort of nonsense doesn’t bother me because we all require attention at some point or another and Facebook is a great place to gain it if you have a huge following but occasionally I do come across some status updates which force me to roll my eyes in response. Once such instance happened the other day and it hasn’t been the first time it was posted either.

The status update was from a very nice woman who attended the same school as myself and honestly she’s a lovely person.  Unfortunately for me, and everyone else on her friends list, she constantly makes status updates on how wonderful her husband is at least once a week. Fine I guess if you are into reading that sort of thing but I guess what irks me about that whole status update she posts isn’t so much that she has – according to her – a great partner but that she states oh so matter fact that he is “the best”.

Now maybe I’m analysing her wording a little too much – maybe so, maybe not – but in my opinion that is a very big statement to make especially on such a public level and by making it what kind of message is she sending to everyone else? That their partners are less than best? That her partner is the only kind of man who is capable of being the best?

Now I know that she appreciates her husband and everything that he does for her but if you lived with your spouse – as she does – and saw him every day wouldn’t you just tell him how great he was face to face instead of relaying the message via Facebook?

Because every time I read one of these messages my first thought to ask is whether she is trying to convince him, us (the readers) or herself.

Are you ever subjected to Facebook status updates that bother you? If so what were they?

11 thoughts on “Unnecessary status updates

  1. Oh, but that’s nowhere near as bad as an old school mate that I have on my Facebook who posts photos of her cats approximately every 10 minutes, followed by a photo essay of herself getting dressed every morning. Oh, right, and at least five times a day she posts an update about how a knee hurts, or she has a cold, or her job is terrible, or … you get the point.

    1. Sounds like your friend needs a blog if she has so much to say. If she hasn’t got one then I’d suggest it if I were you.

      I think I’m much more tolerate. I know there are other status updates that I find annoying but I’ve become fairly good at ignoring them so far.

    1. Although a valid suggestion I don’t think I’ll take that path because the fall out would be much worse then just tolerating her posts.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The instant gratification that posting on facebook (and twitter) provides almost always overrides the post writers ability to divorce themselves from their experience and take a look at the quality of their posts. I tend to forgive facebook inanities, I feel it’s made for that but if it gets too much I simply hide the posts from that person for a while.

    1. I keep forgetting that not everyone careful thinks out their facebook posts before they unleash them onto their unsuspecting followers. Must remember this in the future :)

  3. Ugh, I know all about the TMI Facebook status updates. They drive me insane. Typically I will ignore them, but sometimes they deserve to hear the harsh real life truth. My cousin unfriended me for that, and I tried to sugar coat it a bit for her.

    The spouse to spouse updates are what drive me crazy. We get it, your in love and married to each other, please communicate with each other face to face instead of a social network for all your “friends” to see.

  4. I think that is the whole point when they post via Facebook. They want their friends to see how loved up they are so other people can be envious of their relationship. It sure is a brave move to put it all out there especially when so many relationships fail these days.

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