Notice of tertiary offer

With so much else happening in my world I completely forgot about tertiary offers which were due to be sent out on Thursday, 12th of January.

As I have previously mentioned I’m interested in starting a degree but unfortunately, due to some idiocy in my youth, my grades from high school aren’t as crash hot as they could have been. This lead me to believe that even with my work experience letter I had a very limited chance of being accepted.

Even though I knew my chances were slim, come a month or so later I thought I would check the status of my university application to see if I had made minimum requirements and upon opening the page I noticed an addition to my application summary. An addition which stated I had completed an Associate Diploma in Information Technology.

Oh yeah, I did that, didn’t I. Did I really pass?

Yes you read that sentence correctly.

I didn’t even know I had passed.

Of course I recall that year of my life – the day in and day out of classes, the assignments and the exams. I can even recall the awful cafeteria food which had me high tailing it to the nearest pub for a counter meal at lunchtime. I can recall all of that but for the life of me I don’t remember my results and yet somehow I’ve let myself believe that I had failed.

What an idiot.

Immediately I contacted the institution with whom I completed my associate with as I wanted to be sure that this information was correct before I got my hopes up. They confirmed it for me over the phone and I celebrated with a happy dance on the spot. Sure I might have stuffed up with my high school results but that didn’t stop me from going on to do formal study and passing.

Wednesday evening my phone beeped with a new message from the tertiary office informing me I had an offer that I needed to respond to. I tried for two hours to log onto their website but gave up in the end because there was just too many users trying to do the exact same thing. Instead I waited until the following morning before I recieved my news and it was good.

I have been offered a place in the degree I wish to study and I’ve already accepted.

Now the real fun begins.

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