The feathery residents

After spending time and money building a decent size chicken coop it was definitely time to fill it with some new residents. I’m not interested in breeding so out went the rooster and in went four new hen’s. All four were selected from the same place so they settled into their home fairly quickly and to show us their appreciation two eggs were left in one of the laying boxes the next morning.

In hindsight I probably should have done a little more research before we selected our ladies – I didn’t realise that these hen’s probably are massed produced by some business and are most likely hybrid’s, bred specifically for egg production – but I was so excited about the prospect of chicken’s and fresh eggs each day that I couldn’t contain myself. If we require any hen’s in the future I will definitely be selecting from a private buyer.

the ladies (aka the hen's)

The ladies have already scratched up the grassy floor of the chicken run so now it’s up to us to ensure they are well fed with grains and fresh produce. I can already tell they appreciate the fresh foods they are given – they swarm around me each time I enter the coop – and these girls love themselves some watermelon especially on these hot summer days.

the ladies (aka the hen's) #2

Fresh chicken eggs grown via your own backyard definitely taste good even if the egg yolks are less orange than the ones you buy in the supermarket and the size of the eggs are slightly smaller. So far I’ve had scrambled eggs and eggs sunny side up but I’m really looking forward to baking some cupcakes or cooking crepes with our produce to see if there is much difference in taste.


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