R&R at Christmas

It’s always nice to get away from home over the Christmas period and it’s made even more attractive when you get to spend this time visiting nice looking places whilst in good company. I failed to get anywhere near my computer whilst on this four-day break and upon my return on Tuesday afternoon I decided to spend my last free hours watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows whilst dreading the thought of returning to work the following day.

I definitely could have done with another few days off and I spent the next three days at work stating as such to anyone who would listen and unsurprisingly all of them agreed with my thoughts on the matter as we quietly reflected on what it was we would have been doing with our time if we had have been given a longer reprieve.

Christmas bauble

Christmas day itself was spent at Mr X’s cousin’s home, a beautiful brick monstrosity that had been built on a portion of the two acre block. Perfectly manicured gardens at the front, large open deck at the back. I only knew a handful of the people attending the Christmas lunch so it was awkward at first but once introduced to a few of the guests and I swallowed a few sherbet’s (aka as alcoholic drinks) my nerves disappeared so I could concentrate on more important things, such as the food.

All the food that had been prepared earlier on in the day had been laid neatly in buffet style upon a large fold out table on the deck and surprisingly there was not a fly to be seen. An oddity for a warm Christmas day with uncovered food on offer. On the menu was cold ham, cold turkey, prawns, potato salad, coleslaw, prawns, two different types of salad and so much more that I cannot even recall it and like most of the guests, I generously piled my plate high.

Dessert was also a lavish affair with plenty of sweets to go around and these included christmas cake (with white icing), brandy custard, rum balls, apricot balls, three different types of triffle, pudding and some type of christmas log, cut finely into small slices. I couldn’t help but try a little bit of everything that was on offer and I struggled to wipe my plate clean at the end.

Fruit platter

Boxing day afternoon was spent at the local beach, walking the pier, having a short swim in the cool waters afterward. I couldn’t help pulling out the phone to take a few shots of the gorgeous beach we visited and I only wished I had remembered my book so I could have done a spot of reading whilst I was there too. Instead I settled for drawing “Merry Xmas’ in the sand, examining sea shells and digging my toes into the warm, dry sand.

The bay

The rest of the days were fairly uneventful as we spent our time playing with Christmas gifts, watching Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the ring and sleeping. It was exactly what I wanted to do with the time off and I’m glad that I chose to do it instead of dashing around the city visiting different families.

Did you receive everything you wanted at Christmas?

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