Falling well short of the mark

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to doing my job. If I happen to make a mistake I not only have to fix the mistake immediately but I also have to figure out how I managed to make a mistake to begin with.

Not a problem really because I’m fairly good at figuring out where I went wrong and quite quickly at that. No, the real problem arises when I will come across an error which I cannot work out how I have made to begin with and like an infection my unresolved problem starts to fester subconsciously in my mind.

Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you to recognise a mistake when you make it again – Franklin P Jones

So I mistakenly asked the stores to order something which actually didn’t require ordering.

This item had been included on a spreadsheet I had typed up months ago which listed hundreds of parts that we would require for some servicing work coming up but I distinctly remember crossing it off when I typed up the final draft. So I asked the Warehouse Supervisor to see the list they were ordering from and there in bold black font was the item I had thought I had removed.

Ah Crud.

Immediately upon seeing it I emailed the boss and asked him to not approve the item because a mistake on my part had been made and then I personally asked the Warehouse Supervisor to not order it either just encase the boss missed my email before he carried out approvals. All in all I feel like a dolt but relieved that I caught my mistake just in the nick of time. However it still doesn’t solve the problem of how I failed to remove this item from the final draft especially when it would have been quite obvious to me to do so with a bright blue line through it.

I sure hope this isn’t a sign of my brain slowly deteriorating.

Do you often make mistakes at your work place? If so what is the worst thing that you have done which still causes you cringe when recalling it?

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