Going mobile

I’m one of those people who does a lot of their blog reading via their mobile phone.

Sue me but I just can’t help it.

I love reading in bed and I often take my phone with me when there isn’t a good book to read just so I can chill out with a few good journals entries before falling asleep. In the past I’ve tried to read in bed via my laptop but the beast is over 5 years old and therefore weighs a tonne. No I much prefer to use the phone if there is online reading to be had and that is that.

The only problem I have with my guilty pleasure of mobile blog reading is the fact that some of the journals I read aren’t compatible with my smart phone.

You would be surprised how many websites are completely unaware of how useful their website would be if it could be viewed via a mobile.

I take my phone with my almost everywhere – to work, to the shops, in the car – and when I have a few spare moments through out my day I can usually be caught reading something on it and I’m not the only one. Every time I turn around I’ll discover someone pulling out their phone and getting online with it. So knowing this I find it a bit unusual that more companies don’t jump on the bandwagon. It surely couldn’t hurt.

I’m glad WordPress has embraced this market and with a simple click of a button anyone who hosts their site with them can have a mobile version of their webpage. If you currently don’t have this option activated, I would encourage you to do so if not for yourself than for your followers.

Mobile web browsing, do you do it? Or do you prefer to use the good old fashioned computer?

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