Relationship red flags

In my lifetime I’ve dated my fair share of boys. Some of them were an interesting distraction whilst others were a complete waste of my time. I truly had no idea what to look for in a guy never mind not what to look for and because I didn’t think to ask for advice I stumbled for a long time and made some god awful mistakes along the way.

As an adult I definitely feel I’m a lot wiser because of these experiences  and for anyone else who might need a little help here are my top 3 red flags to watch for.

If he talks about himself more than he asks questions about you

Whether he talks about himself in a negative way or positive way is of no consequence. If a guy is constantly talking about himself or steers the conversations back towards himself whenever you have a conversation than it’s obvious he has a huge ego that he needs to inflate. Don’t bother wasting your time trying to be in a relationship with him. He will always believe his needs far outweigh your own.

If he talks negatively about his previous relationships without you prompting him for more information.

Even if the girl he previously dated was a nasty piece of work it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to know about it. A gentleman would be kind and would say that it didn’t work out with minimal negative details about the ex. If he is being overly unkind about an ex than you are probably best to stay away because he is obviously not over that particular relationship anyway.

If he takes longer than you to get ready to go out

As a general rule I don’t think a man’s shower routine should take any longer than a female’s shower routine and this is taking in account a guys need to shave.  Pay particular attention how many lotions and potions he has in his bathroom cabinet (take a sneak peak!) and if it’s overly excessive (more than your own!) than get the hell out of there.

Do you have your own red flags when dating or in a relationship? If so what are they?

4 thoughts on “Relationship red flags

    1. I loved reading that post! Left me in stitches! I will say I admire you for sitting through that whole date. I think I would of faked an illness and excused myself at the first opportunity.

      1. Glad you enjoyed it… see some good came of it after all! After surviving all of the emotional damage, licking my wounds and attending regular therapy sessions for about 6 months… I was eventually able to write this post and share some joy with others. Joy or a cautionary tale, anyway. HA! ;)

  1. See that is the wonderful thing about these experiences. We get to write about them and share them with the world and if we are lucky enough it will cover our therapy bills someday! lol

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