A lazy Saturday afternoon

Mr X and I were traveling on a windy sealed road on a mission to find a mysterious waterfall that we’d heard others talk about but had never been to ourselves. From the stories we had heard – from a friend who knew a friend who knew a friend that had been there – it was a charming spot to go swimming, very picturesque. Just the type of spot I liked when you were interested in taking photos.

We were just wondering aloud how much further we needed to travel when the road came to a sudden dead-end. Beyond the sign we could clearly make out a overgrown car track and Mr X took this as an indication that you could keep on driving.

“I’m not sure your meant to drive through there.” I fussed, watching as Mr X steered the vehicle between a couple of trees. Although I could see beyond was a grassy field I didn’t want to drive where we weren’t supposed to.

“How about we go for a look on foot instead?”

So we did just that, grabbing our water bottles and followed the path which was over hung with tree branches. Not long into our walk we came across a car body, half hidden underneath a make shift lean-to. Despite the shelter the car was covered in rust.

“Hey look, it’s a VW beetle.” Mr X exclaimed.

Even though the beetle had seen better days it was still clearly distinguishable by it’s unique body shape and the classic rear bumper. It was a shame to see it lying there just rusting away but we continued on until we reached a fence line and downhill from it was a creek bed. I had heard that you needed to cross a creek to get to the waterfall so I believed we were on the correct path. Unfortunately the creek was as dry as the desert, a good indication that our mysterious waterfall would be too.

“Do we go on?” asked Mr X and I thought about it for a minute before shaking my head in reply.

“I think we should come back after we’ve had a good deluge of rain. It’s too hot to go all that way without having some water to play in. What do you want to do now instead?”

“Well there’s a road back there that I wouldn’t mind taking to see where it goes.”

The road he was referring didn’t go for very long but it did run past an old stone home and I immediately fell in love with it‘s stone walls and tiny wooden windows with hedges running underneath. I wanted to take some pictures but I didn’t want to invade anyone’s privacy as it was obvious from the signs of smoke through the chimney it was currently occupied.

After we hit the main road again we started to point out other roads that we hadn’t followed and had previously wondered where they had gone and so we decided to travel them too. I was quite enjoying this random drive to no where in particular and took a few shots along the way.

“Did your parents ever do this with you?” asked Mr X as we drove

“Do what?”

“Just jump in the car and go for a drive somewhere with no destination in mind?”

“No, not really.”

“Mine did, I remember finding it boring as a child but I can now understand their excitement.”

I smiled in reply and turned back to look out the window. I too found this driving random roads fascinating and exciting. This not knowing where you would end up or what you might find along the way. In fact it was on one of these roads that we turned onto that I took the photo above with my phone. It reminded me of a Australian landscape painting I once saw as a child and this picture seemed to completely embody this for me but through my own eyes this time.

“It definitely has an Australian feel to it.” Mr X remarked when I showed him.

We returned home late into the afternoon with the sunlight streaming through our front windshield and a cool wind on our faces. Even though we hadn’t done anything productive with our time I felt content with our lazy Saturday afternoon of exploration.

“That was fun. We have to do again sometime soon.” I remarked as the vehicle pulled up outside the house.

“Just name the time and place and I’m there.”

Have you ever just randomly gone on a trip with no destination in mind? If so, what did you find along the way?

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