The Detour

Barbed wire fenceOn my way to work this morning I had to take a slight detour.

Music, as it always is, blared loudly through my cars stereo system and I tried to imitate the artist belting out the tune without much success. But as I approached the main highway I noticed red and blue lights flashing vibrantly so I immediately turned the radio off and strained my eyes to see what was happening up ahead.

The flashing lights belonged to a single police car and it was parked in such a fashion as to indicate not to pass beyond it. Traffic southward of the vehicle was backed up for several kilometers and I started to wonder what I was meant to be doing as I slowed to a halt. A minute or so later a lone female officer approached my car and I wound the window down.

“There’s a wide load coming through and delays might be extensive. I’d suggest heading south and taking the back road into the city instead.”

“Must be some load.”

She smiled in reply and indicated I could drive on.

Five minutes later ….

I checked my clock several times as I drove in the opposite direction of work whilst I cursed in my head for suggesting to the boss that I would come in on a Saturday especially when I could have been in bed sleeping in but as I turned off the highway I was immediately greeted by lush green Australian countryside and suddenly work was the last thing on my mind. Instead I was thinking of the best place to park my car so I could take some shots with the iPhone camera.

One such location was a field that held an old rusted shed built of corrugated iron. Several cattle stood around it gorging on the rich green grass beneath their noses completely oblivious to all else around them. I tossed the idea of stopping and to try to take the shot but I instead settled for a scenic tour on this charming stretch of road whilst promising to return at a more suitable time.

It was a nice diversion this morning and a pleasant change from the stretch of road I always partake. Definitely worth getting out of bed for.

Have you ever been forced to take a detour and have come out on the other side pleasantly surprised or not so much?

8 thoughts on “The Detour

  1. I once followed a detour and found myself on the prettiest twisting road through a firestorm of autumn forest…if only I’d had my camera. And wasn’t late for a wedding…

  2. I love little coincidences in life that allow us to experience something we otherwise would have missed out on. There’s no doubt a greater hand has a part in all of this. Beautiful picture!

    1. I don’t know about a greater hand but it definitely was one one of those times I didn’t mind being inconvenienced. Thanks for the comment about the photo and for dropping by. Much appreciated on both counts.

  3. Only once, through some Temecula backcountry, I had to detour a fire, one of many when you live in Southern California. It got creepy quickly. Large houses with acres of land, spaced out, no one around, trees growing wild. Pretty, but I wouldn’t want to be alone there at night. Which is odd because I would ideally like a house in the middle of nowhere.

    Well, now my ideal house has a stellar security system and big dogs. Problem solved.

    1. Interesting. That somewhat explains where I live minus the alarm system. However I do have a few neighbours around so I’m not completely isolated. Complete isolation would freak me out too much.

    1. That is a great way to look at it. I never thought about seeing it that way but it rings true to my ears.

      Thank you for stopping by and subscribing!

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