Be in it to win it

As I was collecting a copy of the latest Famous magazine from the news agency earlier this week I noticed a sign hanging on the wall advertising this Saturday’s lotto draw which was offering a cool 22 million for the first division prize.

Now I know my chances of winning lotto are one in a billion (or something like that) but one chance is better than no chance so when I handed my magazine over to the girl behind the counter and she asked me if that was all I required I quickly shook my head in reply.

“A quick pick for this Saturday’s lotto too, thanks.”

Upon receiving my ticket as well as a polite “Good luck” my brain spun into over drive. What could I possibly do with 22 million dollars if I were the only winner? What would be my very first purchase upon learning the news? A house to live in or plane ticket to travel around the world? Would I buy another car or keep the one I currently drive? Would I share the wealth around like there’s no tomorrow or would I be a Scrooge and invest it instead?

I experienced butterflies in my stomach all week just thinking about the what if’s attached to that ticket and the possibilities that might just occur if our numbers were to come up. In my head I thought of all the cities I would like to visit with the family and what sort of home we might purchase upon our return and whether or not it would be overly disgusting of me to buy an expensive car when so many others were struggling to put food on the table.

This excitement followed me all the way into the local newsagent Sunday morning as I nervously handed over the ticket whilst my other hand secretly had it’s fingers crossed behind my back. I didn’t want to check the numbers myself but instead opted to receive my results immediately. However it took only a few seconds to realise that I wasn’t leaving the building as a millionaire as I previously hoped upon seeing the news agent’s look of disappointment.

“Not a winner I’m afraid. Better luck next time.”

Drat it. Looks like I have to go to work in the morning after all.

If you were to win a million dollars what would be your first indulgence?

2 thoughts on “Be in it to win it

  1. I play the lotto here occasionally. I get the same reaction when I don’t win. However, I also forget to check my numbers for days, I think that shows just how interested I am in that whole gambling thing.

    However, if I won, I would buy a nice house. Not a large home, but a nice craftsman house with a big backyard. Then I would get a dog, pay off bills, save and invest, and finish school. I would still be low key if I were rich, which I think is the best way to stay rich.

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