High prices but jobs in abundance

On the way to work this morning I pulled my car into a service station to refill the fuel tank. Upon seeing the price of fuel at $1.48 a litre my temper immediately flared up and I mumbled a few curses under my breath as I pumped the fuel into my car whilst trying not to focus on who exactly was profiting from these royalties.

I find it utterly ridiculous that us Australians are paying so much for fuel when there is such a huge difference between the price of crude oil per barrel and the value of our dollar against the greenback. All us Australian’s realise that we are being ripped off at the pump of course and all of us know that the government doesn’t do anything about it because they make more money when the price of fuel is so high but it doesn’t leave us feeling any less angry about it.

The price of fuel played in the back of my mind all day, prodding me unnecessary when my mind was empty of all else and annoying me further as I drove by a number of service stations on the way home and read their current fuel prices. But it was when I was browsing the internet that night that I came across this particular website  that I started to remember that even though I was paying an awful lot of money for basic living, I wasn’t doing it on minimum wage. Jobs are in abundance in Australia right now and as long as you aren’t too much of a job snob you can pretty much get a job regardless of your circumstances. Times sure have changed from ten years ago when I was practically begging to get hired by a fast food chain because there wasn’t any new jobs on offer and I desperately wanted to get off welfare.

So even though I am royally pissed off at the oil companies and the government for exploiting this country and even though I don’t condone them for doing it at least right now we have enough work to go around for everyone in this sunburnt country of mine and for that I am truly grateful.

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