Baa Baa

I was standing in line waiting to order my lunch and checking my mail via my phone when I overheard a person ahead of me mention that they disliked iPhone’s. The person then went on to announce quite loudly that all Apple products were a waste of money and anyone who owned them were no better than sheep.

Now I’ve come across many people who are of a similar opinion about this particular smart phone and whenever I hear it I usually just shrug my shoulders in indifference. I mean who really cares if someone is using a phone that you don’t like? Does it really effect you so deeply that you need to tell the whole world about it? And that is when I realised what this person was trying to achieve, how cool they were that they didn’t have a iPhone but all that they manage to convey to me was how obnoxious they were instead.

Often the reason for their aversion to this particular product however has nothing to do with the product itself but the brand power behind it. That little apple icon is one of the most recognised symbols in our society today but it’s not they only one and when someone openly dislikes something just because of the brand and I look down to find a pair of Nike’s on their feet I will immediately assume this person is incredibly stupid. If brands aren’t important to them why didn’t they pick up a pair of Dunlop’s from Big W instead of forking over a mint for a pair of shoes with the famous tick on the side?

I believe we purchase these products with these well-known brands not just because of their name but because it’s a name that we know and trust and I’m the first to admit that I do a lot of my shopping this way. When I needed to upgrade my television a few years ago I didn’t choose a brand that I hadn’t heard of but instead I selected a product with a long history in producing tv’s  so I had some idea of what I was in for.

So next time you want to judge a person on their product choice please take a good look in the mirror or in your own home first. You might be surprised to learn that you are a closet sheep yourself.

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