Big boys don’t cry

I was browsing the internet and reading some online journals when I came across a particular entry that caught my attention.

The woman who’s journal I was reading was describing her wedding day and how simply perfect everything was. From the dress to the flowers to cake to the speeches to the small detail of her husband to be weeping upon seeing her  walk down the aisle. It was at this particular point that I had to fight the urge to throw up as I recalled the last guy who had a had wept in front of me and how uncomfortable it had left me feeling each and every time he done it.

This guy was a bit of emotional time bomb. A little bit too in touch with his feminine side if you were to ask me. Not only did he want to be touching me all the time but he also liked to talk about his feelings too. It was fine at the beginning dating a guy who was so interested in talking about everything but it started to wear a bit thin when he even started behaving like a female too. From the silent treatments he would give me when my actions would bother him to the sulking to get me to change my mind and if that didn’t sway me he would then turn on the waterworks.

It was embarrassing.

There was one particular time that we got into an argument after what had of been a nice dinner at a local restaurant. After he settled the bill we decided to take a leisurely stroll to the nearest taxi rank and it was on this walk that he suggested that we go and have a snog in a dark alley along the way. I didn’t at all feel comfortable with the idea for some reason, probably because I wasn’t in the mood to get all hot and heavy after consuming my 300g of rib fillet with a side of salad, and so I turned him down. His response was then to give me the silent treatment all the way to the cab rank and even though I attempted to crack a few jokes to break the ice they were all met with a sullen stare so I told him either stop acting like a child or fuck the hell off and he took the high road. Later that same night he showed up on my doorstep sobbing and begging to forgive him for his behaviour that evening. I only said I forgave him to stop his sobbing which was wearing on my last nerve.

In hindsight I probably should of asked him to leave and to come back when he wasn’t such an emotional wreck but that’s the problem with looking back on your mistakes. You always find a better way you would of handled the problem once you have detached yourself far enough away from it.

So men who cry, turn off or turn on?

4 thoughts on “Big boys don’t cry

  1. It depends on the guy and the situation. My husband has cried a few times in the 11 years I’ve known him — although on our recent wedding day he was all smiles. Apparently, my 82-yr-old Dad shed a few tears that day (that I didn’t see.) Emotion is normal, but not everyone is comfortable with how we express it.

    1. Yes it definately does depend on the guy as well as the situation and I think fathers crying at their daughters wedding days is definately an okay situation in my eyes. Husbands to be on the other hand, not so comfortable with but as long as the bride doesn’t mind it matters little to me.

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