Suck it Julia

Politics leaves me feeling angry whenever I discuss it so I tend to avoid mentioning it when I am writing lest my entries come out all angst filled but I will however make the exception in this case because it’s become a possibility that Julia Gillard might be usurped.

I feel great joy in knowing that most of the country dislikes Julia Gillard as PM. Great, great joy.

As a person she might be a decent human being but as our country’s leader she sucks and let’s be honest here, she mislead every single Australian person that voted for her when she promised no carbon tax under her leadership. If she decided to have a change of heart about it she should have at least taken it to the polls so the Australian public could have voted on it first.

It’s bad enough that governments of the past have destroyed industries in this country – manufacturing is practically non existent in Australia these days and instead of supporting our Australian companies by placing huge taxes on imported goods from foreign countries the government holds it’s hand out for its share of the profits and then turns the other cheek –  but to top it off she wants to tax the middle class and rich people, give handouts to the poor and the dole bludgers and blame pollution.

Well thanks very much Miss Robin Hood aka Julia Gillard, but no thanks. How about you stop overtaxing this country so damn much so us Australians can afford to save for such things as solar-powered hot water systems and water tanks. How about you learn how to manage the money you are currently in charge of before you start holding your hand out for more.

But I do digress….

So good times are being had now that Julia Gillard is now in the hot seat. Notice that permanent frown upon her face lately? Yeah, me too.

Suck it up girl. Suck. It. Up.

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