Isn’t it strange but the more I hear about countries falling into a recession the more I want to shop my way through it.

I literally had to talk myself out of visiting the shops today because I just knew I was in the mood to purchase something and any hesitation on my part could have meant a huge dent in my savings account (again). Instead I stopped in at the library which is sort of like shopping in a way, except you spend nothing yet you get something out of it. It took me 5 minutes to choose a few books (cookbook, biography & sci-fi), a task that usually takes me several hours to accomplish on a good day, and I’ve been neatly curled up on the lounge ever since I got home. It’s been pure bliss to fall into someone else’s world for a time. I had forgotten how good it feels to get to read a book without a $25 price tag attached.

As the weekend approaches I’m feeling somewhat relieved to have another two days off from these early mornings and all the neurotic people that I have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis. One minute you’re awesome because you snap your fingers and stuff gets found and shit just falls into place yet the next moment you’re being voted off the island for being the biggest twit because you haven’t updated the system to include something that probably wasn’t noted on a work order to begin with.

I wasn’t aware ‘mind reader’ was a prerequisite for this position so maybe that is something that I should look into  for future reference.

I do like the job though, with all it’s ups and downs. It would be boring otherwise.

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